A Jolly Holiday in The Woodlands

A little holiday spirit has been sprinkled around the Haupt house this season. Since we are in a rental and really sure how long we will be staying, it has been just a tiny bit awkward for us. We are not used to holding back and not being able to do whatever we want to our home. I think we have managed our best to make it feel cozy!

I have to admit, I am jealous of all the snow falling up north, and if you know me, you know how much I love a fresh snowfall. It is a foreign feeling to walk outside in 65 degree weather a week before Christmas, but it is very beautiful here. It really looks more like fall outside instead, and it is very nice opening the windows. There are positives and negatives no matter where you go!


A plus to owning a direct to garment printer is the access to printing a few holiday pillows!

Kurt and I have never had a real tree in the 21 years we have been married. Mostly because we have always had a cat and knew they would love climbing up inside of it. Now we just have the two dogs; why not give the fresh tree a try? The woodland Christmas theme seemed new and fun and not to mention quite cliche as to where we are living now. Kayla helped me make homemade ornaments, collect pinecones, and add a few furry woodland animals in the tree. Not real ones, of course!

We had a naughty helper that decided she could not resist tearing apart the baby fox ornament on the tree! Honestly, I could not be mad at Penny Lane because she looked so beat up about it. Poor thing!

Hope you are having a wonderful holiday wherever you are this Christmas!

Original Post on December 19, 2013

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