It's "Sweet" to be Back!

I'm back! It has been almost two years from the last time I had a blog. I cannot believe how time flies! So many things were happening in my life, and I felt like I was being pulled in a million different directions. Being a mom, coaching cheerleading, helping run the Three French Hens French Market, running my business, etc. were wearing me out! There was just no time to get to my blog, but I missed it so much - especially connecting with all of my creative, artistic blogging friends. 

With the rebirth of my blog, here is what I've been up to lately:

A friend of mine is getting married, and I had the opportunity to work on her bridal shower coming up this March. I am currently working on the finishing touches, but I wanted to share some of the sweet ideas. The bridesmaids decided on the theme, "Love is Sweet" so we have to have a candy buffet - yum! There are 140 guests, and each will get their own Chinese takeout box to fill with whatever goodies they want.

It was a challenge when I heard there would be twelve tables to decorate. What could we do that would be elegant, whimsical, and not cost a complete fortune? Ha! Coffee filters and tea came to the rescue - and then I saw this dress. It had the perfect combination of colors for the shower. Inspiration can come from anywhere!

There will be a variety of gourmet pastries available for the guests to sample. I designed several different pastry picks to incorporate into the shower's theme. The bride loves pink, vintage, candles, and old photographs. I have been collecting glassware from every resale shop within a twenty mile radius. When the shop keepers see me coming, they know exactly what I'm looking for!

Since the bride cherishes new photos as well as the old, I could not resist having a Photo Booth. Guests will have the opportunity to choose a vintage hat, glasses, and possibly a few other vintage items and pose with their friends for some memorable moments. 

I am so happy that my friend asked me to be a part of her wedding. I hope she loves all of her surprises!

Original Post on February 17, 2012