about jill

Welcome! My name is Jill, and I have owned and operated my small business since 1997. Things have changed around here a lot over the years. After college, I began designing and painting custom murals for homes and other businesses, which quickly evolved into painting custom furnishings as well. A couple of years later, I was approached by a company at The Merchandise Mart in Chicago to design and produce an exclusive line of products for their wholesale company.  This really opened my eyes to the world of retail, and the lessons I learned were something one could only experience through trial and error!

Along the way, I fell in love with making products by hand, adding skills like sewing, learning to display them professionally, and hosting events to sell my handmade goodies. I attended festivals, french markets, holiday art shows, art in the park- pretty much anywhere I could set up my mini shop, I would!

When I came across the Direct-to-Garment Printer at a trade show in 2009, my creative wheels started spinning (along with my husbands!). The ideas were endless as to what we could print on fabrics and wearable art. That is where I am today, designing products, for the most part, for women and children, and producing them in my home studio along with tons of help from my talented photographer/photoshop wiz/book loving daughter Kayla and my partner in crime/brilliant engineer/"hey, do you think we can make that?" and he ALWAYS gives it a shot, hubby Kurt.

Most of my days are spent creating + printing fabrics and sewing in our studio that's located on the back of our property.  My product goals are to create pieces that are timeless, can be worn multiple ways and are quality made - they just get better with time!  When I'm craving a fresh perspective, I don't have to venture far.  I find the rolling hills and ever changing scenery of the farmland to be quite inspiring.

I'm obsessed with my grandson, Tad, and may give him way too many smooches throughout the day. It's amazing to watch him explore and learn new things daily. I was also lucky enough to be a stay-at-home mom to my daughter, Kayla, when she was growing up, and I wouldn't change all the time I spent with her for anything!

My other current interests are exploring small towns in Iowa (we are still new to the area!), driving on the backroads searching for farm animals, learning to cook and can foods, hunting through art/craft/home decor magazines, product design (I'm obsessed with creative packaging!) and designing our future garden!  

I attended Southern Illinois University and majored in Commercial Graphics Design for three years, but was just shy of a couple classes to finish my degree. I was consumed with wedding plans and being in love (and still am thankfully!). I just figured that I would finish it up some day....20 plus years later and still no degree, unless you count the "School of Life!" haha!

On a personal note, I hope that my blog will help inspire you to find your own create niche in life. If you ever have any questions or just want to chat, I can be reached at: underatinroof2015@gmail.com | Feel free to check out my personal accounts: ( Pinterest // Instagram  )

fun facts about me:

Dream Job:  Movie Set/Costume Designer

Hidden Talent:  Singing Original Opera on Queue 

Favorite Movie:  Pretty in Pink

Spirit Animal:  House Cat

Favorite Song:  Small Town by John Mellencamp 

Guilty Pleasure:  Binge Watching Netflix

High School Superlative: Most School Spirit 

Celebrity Crush:  Robert Downy Jr

Favorite Food:  Italian Food

Childhood Hero:  Madonna